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Use Instructions

modern monet paint by number kits for adults tips and tricks how to use


We are so excited that you've decided on your Modern Monet Kit! While there are zero rules about how to create your masterpiece, the following tips and tricks might help you make the most of your artwork:

1. Select a well-light area or room, preferably away from animals and tiny humans! This kit will take anywhere from 8-20 hours to complete. 

2. Match each acrylic paint to the numbers on your map. Stay in the lines as best as you can, but a little whimsy never hurt anybody....

3. BE SURE TO close the lids of your paint when you're done! Your Modern Monet Kit comes with high quality water-based acrylic paints, they will dry up quickly if you leave them open. If you need more, just view the "Extra Paint" listing on the website and we'll ship some out. 

4. Fun tip: The lid of the tube can be used to organize your paints and brushes.

5. If you make a mistake - don't panic! Wipe the paint away quickly (if small) or wait for the paint to dry and just paint over it (if large). 

Remember to keep a glass of water nearby to clean your brushes between each color. Paper towels or a dry rag is also key! Now sit back, relax, and dive right in to your new favorite hobby. We can't wait to see the end product! Be sure to post on IG and tag us at #modernmonetkits.